Create the best email marketing strategy for your cause.

An email platform for Nonprofit & Advocacy Organizations.

At PostUp, we know that building lasting relationships with supporters is paramount for nonprofit organizations. That’s why our platform helps nonprofits create personalized content, targeting the right supporter, at the right time. PostUp empowers advocacy by providing engaging and personalized messages to donors and tools to spread the word of important causes!

Our platform is built for advocacy-driven organizations, with features allowing you to target, broadcast, and analyze your supporter base.

Increase Donor Revenue

PostUp personalizes messages to your donors across email, mobile, social, and web, giving nonprofits the ability to empower supporters to share content providing viral reach, while simultaneously building loyalty for important causes.

Personalized Newsletters

Our dynamic content builder allows you to personalize content for your subscribers, based on their preferences. By tracking subscriber’s website activity, we allow nonprofit organizations the chance to create targeted newsletters.

PostUp Analytics

PostUp Analytics powered by Tableau Software® lets nonprofit organizations utilize data-driven best practices and ultimately gain predictive insights on subscribers, giving nonprofit organizations the chance to tell a visual story and learn from large data sets.

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