Email Marketing Reseller Program

Reseller partners have the opportunity to build a profitable extension to their business. PostUp empowers our resellers with resources to accelerate revenue growth and profitability through our comprehensive reseller program.

While many of our resellers use PostUp to add new revenue from existing customers, others are building businesses on top of our application. In all cases, PostUp offers an easy way to delight your customers with an application that helps them communicate to their users with an Enterprise Level Email marketing Solution. Here’s how we can help you make a difference with the PostUp Reseller Program:


Our turnkey software allows you to get set up and start reselling PostUp in just a few steps.

We do the hard work

No need to think about what’s happening behind the scenes. We take care of software upgrades, uptime, and deliverability. We manage and host the web-based application, avoiding the need for you to purchase and install software or servers.

The data you need

Know what’s happening now with your client’s emails. Easily review customers, email volume, campaigns, and monitor for email delivery issues.

Security & peace of mind

We follow industry best-practices for server and data security. Customers have secure, private accounts that are unique to their organization and can support an unlimited number of users.


We offer significant margin on industry-based pricing so you will be profitable almost immediately.

Your brand or ours

Offer PostUp as is, or build your own branded email service with custom design, your own domains, and more.

We help you sell

PostUp resellers benefit from promotional events, marketing activities as well as direct sales support.

Support options

Our team of product experts and our robust knowledge base is available to assist your customers when they need help. Or if you use PostUp’s white label functionality, we’ll train your support team so they can help your customers instead.

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