PostUp Feature Highlight: Content Management System

At some point or another your email program is going to have some changes. You may update the look of your brand, or the person who handled your email campaigns might move on to other things. These are the moments when you will thank your lucky stars that you’ve been using the PostUp Content Management System.

Storing your content in PostUp, whether it is HTML, images, or both, not only saves you time and worry when you have changes in your company, but it can also make the process of creating your mailings on a daily basis as easy as using drag & drop!


Some of the benefits of using the PostUp CMS include:

  • Store all of your brand assets in a central location, no more lost files when everything is stored on one computer!
  • Easily update one saved template to push changes across mailings referencing it, a life-saver when making large-scale updates to your brand
  • Use drag-and-drop to pull in HTML or images into new mailings
  • Have a fail-safe location of your native HTML in case you need to revert back to the original layout some rainy day when you “break” the updated version

For more information on using the Content Management System, watch the video below or contact us as to schedule a personalized training session!