PostUp Feature Highlight: News Alerts

Many email campaigns can take weeks, or even sometimes months to plan for.  However, others needs to get out the door ASAP!  There may be times when your company needs to execute an urgent email with little time to prepare. With the News Alert Mailings in PostUp you can easily send announcements to your recipients within seconds.


The strength of the News Alerts Mailings feature is that you can prepare email campaigns in advance that can help you manage an urgent email challenge. News Alert Mailings allow users to pre-populate much of the targeting and content of the message, such as headers and images, leaving placeholders to be filled in with the critical details when you are ready to deploy.

News Alerts are the perfect mailing type for:

  • Maintenance announcements
  • Flash sales
  • Updates on your website status
  • Security  or emergency alerts
  • Closures due to weather
  • Breaking news

Watch our News Alerts video for a more detailed overview of how PostUp can simplify your mailing process, and contact us at with further questions!