PostUp Feature Highlight: Recipients Tab

Have you noticed something just a little bit different about PostUp this week? We’ve recently renamed our Support tab to be called Recipients.

This cosmetic change serves two purposes: it creates a clear separation between this tab and our Support Site, and it gives our users who are new to PostUp a better idea of the functionality within the tab. One of the keywords we use to describe the UI is “intuitive,” so with that in mind we felt it was time to make it more readily apparent that the Recipients tab is used to both view and edit recipient information.


The Recipients tab can be used to:

  • Manually change the global status of multiple recipients
  • Manually change the list subscription for a single recipient
  • View the delivery report for a specific recipient
  • View and manually update the data fields in use for a specific recipient
  • Search for and identify recipients by domain

If you have any questions on using the Recipients tab, contact us at!