PostUp Feature Highlight: Webfetch (CMS Integration)

webfetch cms integration for publishersMore than ever, email plays a significant role in maintaining the relationship between publishers and their readers. Audiences depend on publishers to deliver timely newsletters with relevant content, but maintaining an output of dozens of newsletters is time-consuming and costly. That’s where PostUp comes in.

PostUp’s Webfetch functionality allows for seamless integration with any content management system, capable of publishing content to a URL accessible to PostUp.

The common mailings that leverage Webfetch include recurring newsletters, news alerts and ongoing messages. Webfetch retrieves the content at the time of message assembly and caches it locally.

PostUp will then:

  • Retrieve the content
  • Populate any available mailing tags with recipient data
  • Assemble and send the message

Why Should You Use Webfetch?

For our clients that use Webfetch the production time to create an email is cut in half. Talk about a time saver! This functionality allows a user to post email content to a webpage, then PostUp will automatically retrieve the information and deploy. With CMS integration and email automation tools at your disposal, scheduling and setup are a breeze.

To learn more about PostUp’s CMS integration solutions for publishers, read our solutions guide here, or schedule a demo to see in in action for yourself!

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