PostUp Optimizes Email Design, Content and Engagement for ACMG

Our team of email experts helps ACMG increase inbox placement and email performance.

The Company

Atlantic Coast Media Group is a personal care marketing company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality health and beauty products. The company utilizes multiple channels including print, television, radio, the internet and direct mail to market brands such as Hydroxatone, Keranique, and Bellaplex.

The Project

ACMG asked PostUp’s Professional Services team to develop an Email Welcome Series campaign for their Hydroxatone brand. PostUp responded and provided inspiring creative design, HTML coding and campaign management services for a multi-email program with the goal of informing, engaging, and ultimately increasing conversion rates among the brand’s consumers.

Additionally, the PostUp Professional Services team made recommendations regarding messaging, subject line testing and integrating social sharing features.

The Results

The Professional Services team helped ACMG optimize its existing email messaging to produce clean, fully branded and organized communications

  • Utilizing new designs and creative template, ACMG has launched content-rich emails with secondary messaging, cross-promotional opportunities, videos, surveys, and more editorial style content to drive greater engagement.
  • Working closely with PostUp’s Deliverability experts, ACMG has implemented email delivery best practices and measurably improved their sender reputation.
  • ACMG has been so pleased with the increases in engagement and conversion rates, they have leveraged the email design templates and strategies for use across their other brands.

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