PostUp solves the email delivery mystery for ShadowShopper

ShadowShopper achieves a 98% inbox placement rate with PostUp

The Company

ShadowShopper quickly and easily puts shoppers and mystery shopping job schedulers together. The service provides mystery shoppers access to over 100,000 top mystery shopping opportunities every day.

The Project

The tech-savvy team at ShadowShopper used its expertise to deploy email messages to customers using an in-house email marketing platform. When they ran into email inbox deliverability issues and were blocked by an ISP, the team approached PostUp for a solution. PostUp’s deliverability experts created a plan to quickly resolve the issue and help ShadowShopper improve its delivery and engagement rates.

The Results

“Before we started working with PostUp, I would wake up and wonder what ISP was going to be blocking my mail,” commented Chris Valeri, CTO for Shadow Shopper. “Now we have a 98% inbox delivery rate.”

By implementing recommendations made by the PostUp Deliverability Team, including segmentation, monitoring and testing, ShadowShopper has improved the health of its email list and has avoided further mailing issues.

After using the PostUp platform to deploy messages and following deliverability best practices, ShadowShopper improved their sending reputation and qualified for Return Path Certification. Since working with PostUp, ShadowShopper has achieved a 98% inbox delivery rate. Brand engagement improved and subscriptions to the ShadowShopper service increased.

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