Why Email Is a Better Way to Establish User Identity

February 7, 2019

PostUp VP of Product & Marketing Keith Sibson recently appeared in Publishing Executive to show how publishers can establish audience identity easily and consistently through email.

From “Email Is an Easier Way to Establish User Identity”:

For all its simplicity, email is a powerful key to user identity. As a direct link to the user, the email address is essentially a user’s home address on the internet, their identity. Publishers have long used this link to communicate directly with readers, but email doesn’t just allow you to reach your audience and bring them to your site. It identifies those audiences once they get there.

When readers click through an email link to your site, that click carries a token of that reader’s identity. This token is simply a unique ID on the URL that represent a known email address; you can work with your tech team to add one in your email platform. With this token on all email links and a little JavaScript on your website, each click functions as a sticky “sign-in” that establishes and reconciles visitor identity, regardless of whether that click takes place at home, on a mobile phone, on a work computer, and even on a brand new device.

Read the rest of the article on Publishing Executive here.

Editor, PostUp PlayBook