MarTech Advisor: How Publishers Can Use Personalization to Increase Subscriptions

October 25, 2017

PostUp VP of Product & Marketing Keith Sibson talked personalization and paywalls in a recent MarTech Advisor article.

From How Publishers Can Use Personalization to Increase Subscriptions:

For years, publishers hesitated to implement paywalls, fearing they would be difficult to implement or would cut into revenue by turning away traffic that would otherwise generate ad impression. A new generation of paywalls address these concerns. Not only can paywalls be tailored to fit a publisher’s business model, they can also be personalized to adapt to a publisher’s audience. Publishers have long personalized their content to audiences in order to boost revenue. Now they can personalize their paywalls in order to optimize for the maximum combination of advertising and subscription revenue.

Publishers can use their available first party data to personalize how they present readers with their paywall to maximize the chance that they will become a subscriber, while also minimizing lost ad revenue. Unlike content personalization, paywall personalization doesn’t require having a wealth of data on audience members, which is good news for the typical publisher with more than half of site visitors being anonymous.

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