News & Tech: Digital publishers can no longer afford to procrastinate on paywalls

September 27, 2017

PostUp’s VP of Product & Marketing penned an article for News & Tech showing publishers how to directly monetize their audiences with a paywall business model.

From “Digital publishers can no longer afford to procrastinate on paywalls:"

With a glut of cheap content crowding out quality, audiences are looking for ways to cut through the noise. More than ever, audiences realize this content may come at a price, which is why recent surveys have found that audiences are more willing than ever to pay for digital content. It’s important that publishers take advantage of this shift in audience attitudes.

The print business model depended not only on ad revenue but on subscription fees from readers. In order for publishers to continue creating content that engages their readers, they must return to monetizing their readers directly. Building these relationships with readers is the only way publishers can weather changes to their constantly evolving industry.

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