PostUp Talks Publisher Profits in Talking New Media Guest Column

August 18, 2017

In a recent Talking New Media guest column, PostUp VP of Product & Marketing Keith Sibson provided insight into how publishers can generate revenue online with paywalls and email.

From How Publishers are Optimizing Profits in the Era of Social Sharing

In this new environment, publishers must focus on the value of establishing relationships with the audience. With platforms a significant source of publisher traffic, more than half of a site’s visitors drop in once and leave quickly, never to return. These visitors are of little value to the publisher.

While platforms may provide easy clicks, they form a barrier between the publisher and their audience, preventing them from building reader relationships. Readers have a much harder time recalling which site they visited when they come from social media, and some of these readers don’t realize they’ve left the platform at all. The key to success is identifying and establishing a link to these readers. This can be done by capturing their email addresses. Then, publishers have the long-term opportunity to market to and upsell readers on their list.

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