Publishing Executive: Before Publishers Can Unlock Reader Revenue, They Need to Convert Unknowns

December 11, 2017
December 11, 2017

PostUp VP of Product & Marketing Keith Sibson recently wrote in Publishing Executive about the problems publishers face with personalization. In order to personalize content for visitors, publishers must convert anonymous visitors into known audiences.

From Before Publishers Can Unlock Reader Revenue, They Need to Convert Unknowns:

With audience attention shifting between different platforms and devices, the email address is uniquely capable of connecting publishers with their readers. When a reader provides their email, publishers are actually receiving an invitation to the inbox, and the right to market long-term. The ability to reach a reader on the publisher’s terms is a critical part of any registration or subscription business model.

This direct link via email drives reader engagement more than any other channel: readers from email consume more than double the pages per session than visitors from social, according to research PostUpconducted with our customers. And because email allows publishers to reach out to readers without falling prey to social noise or algorithms that bury their stories, readers also return far more often. That leads to many more page views over the lifetime of the relationship.

To read the rest of the article, visit Publishing Executive’s website.

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