Talking New Media: Why No Publisher Business Model Is Complete Without Email

November 8, 2017

In a guest column for Talking New Media, PostUp VP of Product & Marketing Keith Sibson explained how email can help publishers stay connected to their audience.

From: “Why No Publisher Business Model Is Complete Without Email:”

For publishers, email isn’t just a channel of communication; it’s a channel for delivering the product itself. Publishers build relationships with readers by engaging them with their content, and email is a particularly effective way of getting their product in front of a captive audience. That’s why the largest publishers offer dozens of regular email newsletters, ensuring they keep readers engaged by allowing them to self-select the content they see.

As more publishers go behind the paywall, this continued engagement is crucial for nurturing casual readers into paid subscribers. A first-time visitor to a site probably isn’t going to fork over money right away; first, they need to see what they’re getting. By establishing a connection with these readers and engaging them with a sampling of quality content, publishers with a metered paywall can win readers over to their paid offerings.

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