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With 20 years of experience helping publishing and media companies grow audiences and scale email marketing programs, PostUp is your partner in what’s next for digital publishing and media.





PostUp turns publishing and media email marketing programs into revenue machines by maximizing key metrics around Audience Size, Inbox Deliverability, Open Rate, Click-Through Rate, and Premium Subscription Conversion.

Omni-Channel Publishing

Providing publishing and media companies the ability to use comprehensive email marketing to drive additional revenue through Promotional Emails, In-Mail Advertising, On-Site Monetization, and Subscriber Recurring Revenue.


PostUp’s comprehensive publishing tools make email marketing easy. Powerful automation. Sophisticated segmentation. Beautiful emails that get delivered and get results, plus the analytics you need to plan your next move.

Push Notifications

Sometimes your message is too urgent to sit and wait in the inbox. Compose push notifications right from PostUp’s email marketing platform, and deliver breaking news, announcements, or other alerts instantaneously.


A well-timed text message can be an effective way to talk to your audience. PostUp’s email marketing platform makes it simple to add SMS to your campaign and stay connected with your audience.

Social Media

Your audience is all over social media, but coordinating your message across platforms can be a pain. PostUp connects with the major social media sites, allowing you to cross-promote content all from the comfort of your home platform.

Monetization Solutions for Publishing & Media

In-Email Advertising

Inherently non-disruptive, native advertising can be more effective than other forms of brand content. PostUp's platform allows publishing and media companies to easily add banner or native advertising directly into your emails.

Subscriber Recurring Revenue

Through PostUp's Dynamic Content Wall solution, publishers can drive recurring revenue directly from subscribers. Our solution maximizes both conversion into email and paid subscriptions, as well as, advertising revenue.

Sponsored Emails

PostUp has a feature specifically for Sponsored Emails that allows publishers to work directly with advertisers to 'sponsor' an email send to their entire email audience or certain audience segments.

How can we help?

Whether it’s growing your audience through Audience Development, monetizing, automating, or just understanding your email business, we’re here to help. Fill out this form to request a free Revenue Potential Analysis for your email program.

Resources for Publishing & Media Companies

Learn how to grow your audience.

A large, engaged audience is the foundation of every email marketing program. Check out our Audience Development Solution Guide now to see how we can help you grow your lists - and relationships.

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Ad Blocking: What to do?

Does ad blocking have you panicking? Don’t worry, we have answers. Check out this Slideshare presentation for ways to respond to ad blocking.

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Spend more time on what matters.

Don't get bogged down in execution! PostUp offers several ways to automate the process of building & sending emails so you'll have more time for the big picture. Click here to download our Automation Solution Guide.

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thumbnail of PostUp Dynamic Content Wall Solution Guide

Dynamic Content Wall Solution Guide

The digital publishing industry relies on strengthening audience connections, in monetizing readers directly, and in securing its financial future with premium subscriptions.

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“PostUp’s focus on publishers with their CTR Program ensures that all aspects of their service are specifically designed to meet our needs as an industry leading content creator.”

Gretchen Tibbetts COO,