September’s Best Email Ever: More Than Bracelets

PostUp Email Creative of the Month September is here and that can only mean one thing: it is time to get ready for fall and everything that comes with it! I’ll give you a second to daydream…okay time’s up, come back. This month’s “Best Email Ever” goes to the one and only (drum roll please) Pura Vida Bracelets!

We chose this email because of the variety of aspects that make the subscriber want to dig in more and more!


PostUp provides tips to create emails your customers will want to read.

  1. Killer subject line: The subject line reads “Your NEW Fall Flair”. The motivation to click the email is presented with the word “your” thus giving your subscriber instant ownership that any and every reader subliminally wants. Curiosity is also built up with the “…NEW Fall Flair.” What subscriber wouldn’t want to take a look at something NEW for the season that is right around the corner? This subject line does everything right.
  1. Presentation Pops: Instantly the reader is greeted with a catchy vibrant graphic with a call-to-action right there above the fold. This graphic gives the subscriber a little teaser of what to expect if and when they click “see what’s new” guiding them to the website.
  1. Share and save: As we scroll below the fold, we then see an option to share via email AND save money! This is one of the BEST ways to encourage your subscriber to share because what subscriber, who is voluntarily receiving your emails, isn’t going to share in order to receive a coupon?!? Boom, this Pura Vida email hit that one on the nose.
  1. Friendly reminder: This is found wherever the Pura Vida name is found. Having this is a fantastic idea because people will notice that the profits from these bracelets are providing for something more elsewhere. People are more likely to spend money when they have a good idea as to where it is going!
  1. Call-to-action: “Stay Social” found at the bottom of the email. Using this strategy will make your social networks stronger by the day. If your subscribers are opening their emails, then they are more likely to follow you on social media – because they love you that much!
  1. Best part: The best part about this email is actually not everything I just reviewed. The best part is that it looks the EXACT SAME on a desktop as it does a mobile device! 67.2% of emails are opened on a smartphone, so make sure that your emails have a responsive template and will be mobile-friendly!
  1. Footer: Oh no! I almost forgot about the footer. Just kidding, I did this on purpose because many companies forget about the footer and all the important parts that it needs to have! The footer provides information and customization options for the subscriber; in particular an unsubscribe option. Not only is it required by law, it also gives your subscribers control. What happens if someone wants to subscribe but doesn’t have the option? They are going to delete your email without even opening it, or worse, mark it as spam. Don’t hurt your deliverability by forgetting this important step!

Detailed email preference centers give your subscribers control while instilling trust in your brand.

That’s all for September’s Best Email Ever! We certainly hope you gained some valuable information. In the meantime, check out our Deliverability Solution Guide for more tips on how to get your emails to the inbox every time.

Email Deliverability Solution Guide