Tastemade Cooks Up List Growth Success with PostUp's Audience Development Solutions

The secret ingredient? High-converting onsite email capture widgets.

The Company

Tastemade is changing the way the world makes, watches and engages with video.

Since its founding in 2012, Tastemade’s dedication to creating high-quality, addictive video for mobile consumption has fostered a global community of 200 million food lovers and travelers in over 200 countries.

The Project

When social media and search algorithms can fluctuate, it’s important for content creators to take control of their owned audiences through email. With a strong social media presence, Tastemade sought an email audience to match. They needed to grow their email list, but they didn’t just want a SaaS platform; they wanted a service backed by expertise.

Tastemade turned to PostUp for a full-service email solution, complete with a seasoned team of audience development experts. PostUp developed and tested an arsenal of custom email capture widgets for Tastemade.

The Results

PostUp’s email capture widgets converted Tastemade visitors at a rate of over 3 percent. As a result, Tastemade saw rapid list growth right away, averaging over 100k new subscribers per month. After just 8 months, Tastemade’s total email list reached one million users, eventually climbing to 1.6 million email subscribers worldwide.

With PostUp’s audience development solutions in place, Tastemade’s site traffic from email as a percentage of total traffic increased ten times over. By diversifying their site traffic sources, Tastemade strengthened
their connection with their global audience.

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