The 5 Types of Marketing Emails You Message, Not Forward

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There are emails that you forward around the office so everyone knows you’re keeping up with the latest industry trends and look at you as a great source of knowledge. But what about the emails where you only care about one article or link and you don’t really want to scrounge up the email address of your former high school bestie? Those are the emails that you message instead.Here at PostUp we collected some of the common message scenarios we’ve encountered. Why are we sharing them with you? Because with WhatsApp topping 1.2 billion users in January 2017, your subscribers too are potentially ignoring the forward button to share some email tidbits through other “dark social” avenues, such as messaging apps. Knowing the common cases can help you better prepare your marketing emails to be message-friendly!

1. The “I was right” message

There’s a special kind of joy for when you were arguing with a loved one and a day or two later, your inbox has an article proving your point exactly. This needs to be shared immediately, and it needs to be a message. Why? Because loved ones can claim an email was lost in the junk folder and you have no proof. With a dark social instant message, you know your target saw the light.

2. The “read this article and never know where it came from” message

Sometimes when you’re signed up for emails like Cat Lady Weekly, you don’t really want the world to know about it, but there may also be some really good information you want to share with a friend. Pulling out the pertinent details then messaging saves everyone from an awkward situation of knowing your newsletter subscriptions.

3. The “great sale!” message

For those sales that are out of this world amazing, you don’t want to wait on a friend to open an email. You need to make sure they’re getting the deals NOW before they’re gone. Especially during flash sale season! (Which, let’s face it, is year-round now.)

4. The “we’re going here” message

When there’s a hot restaurant that you’re dying to try out, sending the address through message makes it easy to grab when you and your friends need directions. No one wants to have to save another email in their inbox solely to have the location later.

5. The “Valentine’s Day is just around the corner” message

Sometimes your significant other needs a hint. Sometimes that hint needs to be more obvious than the norm. They don’t need to know that you’re getting deals from your favorite store weekly, but they do need to see the webpage with all the pretty things you secretly want.

These are only a few examples of when an email is better sent to others with a message. Your subscribers are sure to come up with even more. Keeping this in mind, you may also want to give your email layout a quick once over. Watch for common issues such as using all images and no text, as well as making sure any articles you link to are on a responsive website.

Now that WhatsApp is getting rid of their subscription fee, expect more and more recipients to be using it or another messaging service as their primary method to stay in touch with their connections. Luckily PostUp now has an easy way to provide recipients with a single click button to share to WhatsApp using the ActiveMail feature! By providing a direct method to do so, you can ensure recipients are still sharing the details you want instead of merely copying straight text from your emails. Contact your PostUp Account Executive today to learn more!

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