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Who is PostUp?

PostUp’s email marketing platform is designed to help brands communicate with their customers. An Email Service Provider with a proven services team, an award-winning platform, and handpicked partners, PostUp delivers personalized communications that drive engagement and increase revenues. Watch the video below to learn more!

PostUp email platform logo

PulseConnect and UnsubCentral were acquired by Transition Capital Partners and branded under the new name PostUp. The founder, Joshua Baer, rejoins the company as board member and investor. The rebrand positions PostUp as an email marketing solutions provider that is focused on innovating around the needs of our customers.

pulseconnect email solutions

Datran Media merges with ContextWeb to become PulsePoint, renaming the StormPost technology PulseConnect.

StormPost completed a major software re-architecture with the goal of increasing scalability and performance of the platform. The platform now delivers 1.5 billion messages per month, with 99.99% uptime and is capable of 10X growth. With over 15 years of continuous development, PostUp has the industry’s most mature ESP platform.

Datran Media email service provider history

Both products were acquired by Datran Media. The strategy behind the merger was to combine delivery and marketing solutions for a growing advertising industry. Skylist kept its brand name and remained an Austin company. Staying true to its roots the company continued to focus on email deliverability. The merger combined StormPost’s delivery product with Datran’s marketing engine and analytics.

UnsubCentral 2003 email compliance

In December, the CAN-SPAM Act was signed into law, and with the new set of rules, UnsubCentral was started by Joshua Baer. UnsubCentral was the first company to offer email suppression and campaign performance management solutions for advertisers, agencies and affiliate networks.

SKYLIST 1996 email service providers

Joshua Baer founded a company called Skylist in his dorm room at Carnegie Mellon. He had the vision to create an email service provider that was different from the rest and worked to develop an email product called StormPost.

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