What makes PostUp the top ESP for publishing & media companies?

Publishers send a lot of email. They need an ESP that can handle it.

The largest publishers offer their audiences dozens of daily newsletters, which means they need an Email Service Provider that can handle high campaign frequencies.

Competitive intelligence company Notablist analyzed email from 500,000 brands to see if brands that send email frequently, such as publishers, prefer certain ESPs. They do.

PostUp clients average more unique campaigns per month than any other ESP.

Why? Because large publisher email programs require email efficiency at scale. PostUp’s powerful automation tools and integrations with top publisher solutions help high-frequency mailers to execute more campaigns with minimal effort.

These efficient email solutions also make it easy for publishers to increase their newsletter product output, and in turn, revenue.

Using PostUp’s newsletter automation tools, publishers can:

  • Populate pre-built templates through our WordPress, Drupal, and RSS integrations
  • Send personalized content from Parse.ly or Chartbeat data
  • Optimize the approval process with our flexible workflow
  • And more!

Once automation is in place, publishers can create an email program that maximizes total newsletter subscriptions, opportunities for engagement, and revenue.

Download our quick guide to learn how PostUp’s newsletter solutions help publishers:

  • Provide more relevant email content to their audience
  • Increase total subscriptions with powerful cross-promotion
  • Drive email engagement while mitigating unsubscribes

With PostUp’s scalable email solutions, publishers can drive more email revenue with less effort.

Get the guide to see the data and learn more about why PostUp’s scalable email solutions are the right choice for publishing & media companies.