PostUp's Email Welcome Message Lookbook

You never get a second chance at a first impression.

welcome email examplesThe email inbox is where direct audience relationships happen, which means the first email you send will set the tone for the whole relationship.

That’s why your welcome message is so important.

Your first communication with your new subscribers gives you a chance to start things off on the right foot at the moment when your audience is at their most engaged.

An effective welcome message thanks subscribers for signing up, sets expectations for your future emails, and makes subscribers feel, well, welcome. Those are the kinds of messages we strove to spotlight in this collection.

Improve your welcome messaging with the welcome email examples in our latest lookbook.

This lookbook highlights some of our favorite examples of successful welcome messaging. Download the lookbook to see:

  • Full examples of welcome messaging from NBC Sports, Kitchn, The Hill, Vimeo, and other brands;
  • Gaming welcome messages that reward and retain players;
  • Welcome emails from publishing & media companies that keep readers engaged when they’re most interested in your content;
  • Informative messaging that provides confirmation to new customers while also making them feel welcome;
  • And other kinds of effective welcome emails.

We invite you to view a variety of Welcome Messages that PostUp has helped design and build in partnership with our clients.

Make a lasting first impression with inspiration from the email examples in PostUp’s Welcome Message Lookbook.