What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been! PostUp’s 20th Anniversary

PostUp_logotype_green_RGB-1.pngDid you know we’re celebrating 20 years in the email marketing business this year? It’s safe to say when compared to other Email Service Providers (ESPs) we have the most compelling founding story. In 1996, Austin Entrepreneur Joshua Baer founded PostUp as SKYLIST in his dorm room at Carnegie Mellon, envisioning an ESP better than the rest.

Since then, PostUp has been through several name changes and major platform enhancements. Baer continues to serve the email marketing industry through several other companies and is a member of PostUp’s Board of Directors.

After 20 years, we figured we’d learned a thing or two, so we recently entered the Digiday Signal Awards competition. We’re proud to announce that we were selected as a finalist in the Best Email Marketing Platform category! (See the official announcement here.)

Though we didn’t win, we’re still having quite the 2016 so far with a 200% increase in business growth. Check out what our executive team had to say about where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

How has the email space evolved in the last 20 years?

20 years ago when I started PostUp, it would be pretty hard to imagine what the Internet and email would look like today. There was no such thing as spam or commercial email and the Internet was nascent. I remember in the early days saying to a friend, “Every day for the next 10 years, thousands of businesses executives are going to wake up and realize they should start emailing their customers." The funny thing is, I think that same statement is still true today. – Josh Baer, Founder & Board of Directors

What has been the biggest change in the PostUp platform that affects how we serve customers?

The biggest change in our platform has not necessarily been technological, but in how we focus the technology on our client’s business models. For many publishers, email is an afterthought, and not viewed as a revenue generator, but email absolutely is and can be a growing source of revenue. Whether this revenue comes indirectly from driving more clicks to your site, or monetizing directly within email itself, every feature and function we add to our platform maps in some way to driving a business outcome. While we still have a world-class email marketing platform from a tools and technology standpoint, we understand that not all clients can be power users, and so have focused our efforts over the past two years on enhancements that specifically enable success for revenue motivated publishers. We launched our Audience Development suite, which typically can more than double your email audience, offer turnkey solutions for monetizing your audience directly through ads in email, and built out (according to The Relevancy Group) the best analytics and data visualization capabilities in the industry using Tableau technology. – Shelly Alvarez, Director of Client Services

What’s next on the roadmap for PostUp?

PostUp has a history of first-to-market innovations that have now come to be viewed as standard in the email industry (e.g. SaaS platform, A/B testing, SPF/DKIM, and many more). In 2017, we continue to innovate, and focus on business outcomes, with the launch of Risk Now. This product uses sophisticated predictive analytics to determine, for a particular email subscriber, what is the risk of sending a promotional email right now? If it results in an unsubscribe, the future monetization value of that subscription drops to zero. However, if risk is high and we instead temporarily delay the send, we can retain the subscriber and protect the subscribers long term LTV. This technology is based on the fact that unsubscribes tend to come in “batches", as consumers sporadically clean up their inbox. PostUp has unique visibility into consumer unsubscribe behavior, allowing us to systematically solve the problem of publishers losing up to 25% of their email list annually. – Keith Sibson, VP of Product and Marketing

Stay tuned! Thank you to all of our wonderful clients who have stuck with us through thick and thin. You’re why we get up in the morning, and we look forward to working with you for another 20 years!