What’s the big deal about Responsive Email Design?

Responsive email templateAt the core of email marketing are these two basic challenges: getting into the inbox and being effective when you get there. The ever-changing landscape of mobile technology doesn’t make things any easier, but as email marketers, we have no choice but to keep up!

When 54% of email is opened on a mobile device, designing mobile-friendly email is an absolute necessity. One way to do this is by implementing responsive email design, which we’ll discuss here.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive Email Design uses CSS(3) Media Queries to render 2-3 different layouts that will auto-adjust itself depending on the size of the screen the email is being read on. Media queries can also change or even hide images on smaller screens, which is useful for keeping emails readable when there’s less screen real estate available to you to work with. While Responsive Design requires 2-3 different layouts, and extensive coding, it only results in one html file.

Keep in mind that not all mobile environments support media queries, so emails can break or just show up as the “desktop” version in certain circumstances. Still, when Gmail announced media query support in 2016, it put responsive-friendly email environments squarely in the majority. A quick look at your analytics should tell you whether your audience can view your responsive emails as they were intended.

How is Responsive Design different than Scalable Design?

Scalable Email Design means your email is designed in such a way that allows the email to be readable and clickable no matter where it’s viewed. Like Responsive Design, there’s only one HTML file, but elements don’t change or adjust. The layouts just scale up or down to a fit the screen size it’s being viewed on. It’s much less labor-intensive than responsive design, and certain best practices should be followed to maintain optimal results.

Does PostUp have resources to help design and code for responsive design?

Yes! PostUp believes that responsive design is critical to the future of email marketing. Therefore, we have spent several months researching and investing in resources to bring responsive design to our PostUp users. PostUp has both designers and responsive design developers who can help you update your existing email designs to leverage responsive design or build a new responsive design- powered program from the ground up. You can even download our free responsive email template to start sending mobile-ready emails right away.

With technology constantly changing, the ways that audiences interact with your emails is changing as well. You never know what kind of device a reader might use to view your message. This is where responsive email design comes to the rescue. It allows your email content to be visually displayed in the most effective and efficient way possible depending on what device it is being opened on.

Ready to start sending responsive emails? Download our free responsive email template to get started right away, or contact us to learn how we can build custom responsive design solutions for your email marketing program.

Free Responsive Email Template Download

Shelly Alvarez

Director of Client Services, PostUp