Why Email Deliverability Should Be at the Core of Your Program

Email_Deliverability_Solution_Guide_-300x250Today’s email marketers are faced with the challenge of driving conversions through clicks, purchases, or data. With different accountabilities based on your business model, one thing is consistent – if you don’t make it to a subscriber’s inbox, your email won’t matter. Deliverability is core to making sure your HTML, CTA’s, and well-written messages are delivered to the inbox.

What is deliverability?

Deliverability is the rate at which a sender’s emails are delivered and will arrive to the intended inbox. This delivery rate takes into account the amount of emails that make it past spam filters and junk folders into the intended recipient’s inbox divided by the total number of emails sent and multiplying times 100.

Things to know about deliverability include:

  1. What happens once your email is sent
  2. Deliverability best practices – including ISPs, seed testing, CAN-SPAM,etc.
  3. Crafting messages that will boost your open rate
  4. Moving beyond clicks to optimize your messages for conversions

Our clients consistently achieve a 99% delivery rate; we help them achieve it by advising them on how to send emails their subscribers want to open. We have dedicated Deliverability Consultants focused on inbox placement. We focus on equipping our clients with the best partnerships and knowledge of email marketing best practices to ensure messages arrive to the inbox and convert to sales, subscriptions, and increased engagement.

We have plenty of resources for you to learn how to improve your deliverability percentage and get your digital marketing messaging to the inbox:

Email Deliverability Solution Guide