Why We Think Audience Development Matters – And You Should Too

Over the past several months, we’ve helped clients like Golf Channel develop their audience. The results we’ve seen have been amazing. Golf Channel was able to grow their subscriber base by 32% last year, which is huge.

But what does a larger, more engaged list mean for the success of an email marketing program?


Here’s the reason why we’re so excited about the subject of audience development: there is unlimited potential. Even if you change nothing else about your email program – no tweaking the subject lines, no changing your creative, no optimizing – you can make more money if you send more email to more people. If you double the size of your list, your CTR will remain more or less the same, but you can expect to see around twice as many clicks, and clicks means conversions and revenue.

You can see an example of this in the chart below:

email audience development ROI

Quite simply, a bigger list equals bigger revenue. But it’s important to not just stop there. You can’t just scoop up as many email addresses as possible and call your work done. You have to keep those people invested, and that’s where the second part of audience development comes in. In other words, now that you’ve developed the size of your list, now it’s time to develop the relationship with that list.

There are several ways to build that relationship; the first is to send great content (which we’re sure you’re already doing – keep up the good work!). You can also use preference centers to get your subscribers interested in other newsletters, products or services that you might offer, like Golf Channel did. And finally, there’s re-engagement campaigns. We had one client come to us wondering at what point their subscriber engagement started to drop off. Our business analysts used our integration with Tableau to crunch the data, and we found that their subscribers started disengaging around the 18-month mark. We helped them craft a re-engagement campaign, and they were able to win back the engagement of a sizable amount of subscribers that might have been on their way to unsubscribing forever.

We’ve seen such amazing results from clients who have focused on audience development that we can’t help but get excited. If you want to get excited too, you can download our new Audience Development Solution Guide or schedule a free, no obligation List Growth Strategy Session with us to learn more. Even if you’ve got a healthy, engaged subscriber base, there’s always room for improvement, and with audience development, the sky (and the revenue potential) is the limit.

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