Why You Need Responsive Email Design

free responsive email templateEven with vast advances in technology, email is still highly relevant in today’s digital marketing landscape. Still, that’s not to say the rules of the game haven’t changed dramatically. Mobile email was once the realm of businessmen on the go; now, it’s the norm.

Because so many people use mobile devices as their primary way of interacting with their inboxes, you need to ensure the user experience remains comfortable, no matter the device. Your readers will thank you, and so will your bottom line: optimizing your mobile marketing outreach can increase engagement, boost your audience development, and send your ROI soaring.

Mobile-optimized email has never been more important. As of 2017, 54 percent of all email opens occur on a mobile device. As users increasingly prioritize their phones over their desktops, this number is likely to grow. In fact, The Radicati Group expects that 80% of email users will access their inboxes from a mobile device by 2018.

One of the best ways to handle the trend of mobile email reading is to adopt responsive design. This strategy creates emails that adapt to the size of the screen being used to view them. Using responsive HTML and CSS is especially important when readers use multiple devices to open a single email. 25.6 percent of email users will use their mobile device to filter out emails before reading them more closely on a computer. This number jumps to 40 percent among teenagers, indicating a bright future for responsive email design.

Why responsive emails are so important

Customers aren’t likely to follow your call to action if they need to vigorously zoom in and swipe around to read a message or click a link. Unfortunately, when emails aren’t optimized for mobile, that’s exactly what readers have to do. Responsive design better accommodates all recipients, no matter what device they use to view your emails. When 71.2 percent will delete emails immediately if they don’t display correctly, adapting to changing screen sizes is critical for the success of any email marketing program.

Ready to start sending responsive email? PostUp’s team of email experts can create custom email solutions for your company, or you can get a head start by downloading our free responsive email template. Either way, feel free to get in touch; we’re as responsive as our emails!

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This blog post was originally published December 2014, and has since been updated to reflect the latest email marketing statistics.